Maplelag Resort


(800) 654-7711

30501 Maplelag Road, Callaway, MN 56521

Maplelag Resort in Callaway, MN is located in the north west region of MN and is within an hour of Fargo, ND. Maplelag has 53 km groomed for skiing and snowshoeing. XC ski, pulk sleds and snowshoe equipment rentals are available. Lessons are available for all levels of ability in classic, skating or telemarking. Massage, ice fishing, sledding and much more.

There is a reason that Maplelag was voted as the "best overall xc ski resort in the 2003 Best XC Ski Resort Poll and best in the central US in the 2002 Cross Country Skier magazine Best XC Resort Poll and it is the family magic that can be had at the resort. Whether skiing or not, people rave about their time spent at Maplelag. Take "The Plunge" into the lake after the "no suit" sauna and you will earn the right to purchase the commemorative t-shirt after you've jumped through the hole in the ice.

On Saturday night the party lasts all night with contests, and a Variety/Talent Show, which is a big hit for families whose performances feature everything from jugglers and family skits, to jokes, musical instruments and German beer drinking songs. The show is followed by the Saturday Night Dance, which offers an eclectic collection of music for dancers of all ages.

Judged by many to be the best beginner trail, you'll find the Mother Hen (1.1 km) an easy trail: both short and flat. It takes off from Poki Loki in a counter-clockwise direction. Roy's Run (10.1 km) is a long trail, skied in a counter clockwise direction, which heads through the big timber country. As the land has been cut over, new growth is sprouting up, inviting a lot of deer back to this section, Keep your eyes peeled for deer or tracks. You might even be one of the lucky ones to spot a moose. Three packs of elusive brush wolves also work the country, but chances of seeing them are slim.The North Loup Trail (8.2 km) is a long-time favorite, with great hills and natural flow that heads you into the wild north country. The trail skirts around Dry Lake and returns to the country road known as the Goat Ranch road. The trail also lays claim to one of the trickiest hills in the area, Dipsy Doodle. Its deceptive appearance has been the nemesis for many an expert skier.

Family style meals is known to feed the camaraderie at Maplelag. The lodge is a treasury of Norwegian Folk Art with nooks and crannies to enjoy together or get away to relax and read a book. The bottomless cookie jar policy provide endless sweets. The Richards family is the host that will guarantee you a memorable time. CCSAA member.