Something different to do - drive the Mt. Washington Auto Road to the top of the world

Something different to do - drive the Mt. Washington Auto Road to the top of the world

The Mt. Washington Auto Road completed in 1861 began its 156th season on Saturday, May 20 for guests to drive their own vehicles to the summit at 6,288 feet. 

The road is open and operating hours will become 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM daily starting on June 18, weather permitting. The 7.6 mile drive to the summit passes through four unique ecological zones and provides stunning vistas of the northern Presidential Mountains and Great Gulf Wilderness offering a true taste of the Mount Washington experience!

The road to the top of the Mount Washington Auto Road was still being cleared during the month of May and it was projected to be fully open during the month or by Memorial Day.  Check the website for details and special programs at

Guided Tours offer a unique opportunity to learn the true nature and history of Mount Washington and the Auto Road. Driven by an accomplished and dedicated tour guide, your "stage driver" will offer stories, anecdotes, legends, history and insight into the ecological wonder of Mount Washington as well as point out interesting features and scenic opportunities from the base to the 6,288-foot summit. Enjoy walks, hikes, alpine flowers, ecological zones, history, or simply extended time on the summit - these are all options that are available on a 3-Hour Adventure Tour and discounts are available if booked online.

Bicknell’s Thrush Guided Tour

The Bicknell’s Thrush is an extremely rare bird species with very limited breeding grounds. It is the most secretive of the breeding thrushes in North America and it is the only bird whose breeding is restricted to the Northeastern part of the continent. They usually breed at higher elevations, normally nesting above 3,000 ft. The unique and harsh climate is just what the birds prefer due to the combination of low vegetation and abundant moisture. The Mt. Washington Auto Road offers you a rare opportunity to view these obscure birds on a guided tour.

The Bicknell’s Thrush Guided Tours are scheduled for selected mornings in May (5/28) and June (6/3, 6, 8, 16) leaving early in the morning (6:00 AM) before the Mt. Washington Auto Road opens to the general public to insure there is as little additional noise or disturbance as possible. Our success rate at hearing and seeing this elusive thrush is quite good, but with the species in decline due to wintering habitat losses, there can be no guarantee of sightings. Tours are $50 for about 2 hours and advanced reservations are required.